Drinks Your Teen Should Avoid While Wearing Invisalign

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One of the perks of choosing Invisalign® trays for tooth alignment is that there is no need for major dietary changes during treatment. Patients can still enjoy some of their favorite foods and treats without worrying about damaging brackets and wires. There is also no risk of food particles becoming lodged under or between appliances where they cannot be removed. However, some food and beverage choices are not wise for teens, especially when using Invisalign® products.

Drinks to avoid during Invisalign® treatment

It is important to note that patients should never drink anything other than plain water when wearing Invisalign® trays. However, choosing certain beverages, even when not wearing aligner trays, can still lead to unwanted issues.


Sodas are a popular drink among teens, but their high sugar and acid content can be problematic. Sugary and acidic drinks can break down tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay when consumed in excess. While sodas do not necessarily have to be completely off-limits for your teen during Invisalign® treatment, they should be limited to rare occasions. Teens should remove trays before consuming a soda and should brush and rinse thoroughly before replacing them.


Unsweetened coffee is not harmful to dental health, but it can be one of the worst offenders when it comes to tooth stains and discolorations. Coffee can also stain Invisalign® trays if it is consumed while wearing them or if a teen fails to brush properly after drinking it. Sweetened coffee can increase the risks of tooth decay. The high amount of caffeine can also cause some unwanted side effects, so it should be enjoyed in moderation.

Artificially colored beverages

Drinks with food dyes, such as sports drinks and artificial juices, are a double hitter when it comes to poor beverage choices. These drinks are often full of sugar and contain colors that can stain teeth and Invisalign® trays. These should be enjoyed sparingly.

Extremely hot drinks

While the material used to create Invisalign® trays is very durable, it is still possible to damage it. Hot liquids can warp the trays, resulting in a poor fit or unwanted interference with treatment. Do not drink hot drinks when wearing Invisalign® trays. In addition, use only lukewarm water when rinsing, cleaning, or soaking them. Even just a quick rinse with hot water can lead to product damage.


Invisalign® trays should always be removed for eating and drinking, no matter what is being consumed. The only exception is when drinking plain water. To prevent staining particles and bacteria from becoming trapped on teeth inside of the trays, teens should brush their teeth carefully before replacing aligners.

While there are no rules for dietary changes with Invisalign®, it is wise to avoid certain beverages that can increase the risks for staining and tooth decay. A dentist may offer other recommendations based on a teen's unique dental health situation. Following these recommendations can help improve oral health while leading to a better treatment outcome.

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